drsteierjozsef„I am serving with my collegues the energy industry in national and international milieu for 20 years. I have an active part in exposition of renewable energies and support consistently the augmentation of energy efficiency. This process is going hand in hand with the quick development of expansion and application of technologies and can not miss the innovation and scientific background, but neither the integration of inventors to the process.

I have an object with the foundation of Sunwo PLC that the firm will be the engine of the above process both on national and international market and contributes to the formation of an environmentally sound and costs-efficient economy. It should serve with his novelties the private people, the community and the intentions of the state to aim the formation of a more sustainable and liveable environment.”



Dr. József Steier , founder



Examinations by heat camera and scientific analysis which help the decision-making related to the plans of institutions for energy rationalization and maintenance planning of big firms.


Management of patents

We look over the studies of inventors and undertake their all-inclusive professional management. Our consultations are going on currently first of all related wind-wheel, water-mashines and sola cells, in which we co-operate with several investigator institute, among others with two sections of Chinese Scientific Academy.


Energy storing:

The storing of electric energy is one of the cardinal point of the development of the renewable energy production and the biggest challenge of energetics.

We examine his several technological solutions and put in operation soon the first section, which the network and wind-wheel operators can prepare the optimal development with.


Utility brokers:

The firm can use the trademarked program which enables that the firm works as „integrator” concerning both private people and suppliers, it means it puts in touch his partners by his knowledge and means and manages the service and goods process.



This is a self-managed world novelty according to prior investigations, having patent notification, that can be pioneer both in utilization of whimsical water-course with little fall, and in building of little power stations, having a reservoir of some megawatts.

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