Sahara Scientists Summit

Sahara_Scientists_Summit_picSAHARA SCIENTISTS SUMMIT

Location: Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BKIK )

1016- Hungary , Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.

Date: 20th May 2015 10 am -17.00 pm

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Dear Sir and Madame,

On behalf of the 165 years old Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) Energy and Bio- Technology Section I would like to declare the great success of the

1st Sahara Scientists Summit (3S) on May 20th 2015 in Budapest

The first Sahara Scientists Summit made its first important step towards a fundamentally new approach to climate mitigation and sustainability. It has been emphasized by the speakers, that the scientific approach with innovative and progressive new solutions, developed for climate mitigation, could also offer multi-dimensional responses on the most important questions of humanity, such as migration (which has become a global key security issue nowadays), unemployment, food and feedstock supply against qualitative and quantitative starvation, reforestation and renewable energy supply.

Geo-engineering should be incorporated in the Sahara mitigation program and efficient new green technologies should be developed both in the Vortex (or tornado) type solar chimneys and twin function wind turbines while the high capacity new PV-s could efficiently support the progressive mitigation process and increase the electricity availability.

All above issues are interconnected with the  possible and most probably necessary CO2  paradigm change where CO2 could become a valuable raw  material of sustainability via new technologies, including the Quadgeneration and CO2 irrigation.


Bio-engines, such as fast growing adaptable hybrids – among them the Paulownias – and other C4 type plants combined with sophisticated new patents (like Agrooter® of Bactofil) are supporting the efficiency revolution in agro-industry. The Agrooter® for example can decrease the water demand by 50% while CO2 irrigation could increase the yield by 30%.

As a  quantitative approach (and augmentation of the above mentioned new methods) the Great Green Sahara Deal (GGSD) could be a chance to create a unique WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all participants where:


  • Individuals (WIN1) will have new job with the desert reforestation and complex utilisation through “Quadrats”,
  • Africa (WIN2) will get a massive renewable electricity supply in addition to wood, food and feedstock,
  • World (WIN3) will gain a progressive climate mitigation device (the GGSD) and have really sustainable, viable future!

The GGSD type project could certainly alleviate the migration pressure and helps avoid such ecosystem-devastation -driven  epidemics like the latest Ebola crises in West-Africa!

As a summary of the forum, the speakers of the first Sahara Scientists Summit have agreed that application of such type of complex solution could increase the overall

national security !

 Recommendation for the 2015 Paris COP from the 1st SSS

Please mark in your own program the next date of the 2nd 3S:

2nd  Sahara Scientists Summit – Budapest, 20 – 21 May 2016

we will be proud to welcome you and also all those individuals, entrepreneurs and politicians who feel a responsibility for a multidimensional sustainable solution and could be partners in a comprehensive and progressive approach of the climate mitigation for a vital and sustainable World !

 23.05.2015. Budapest

BKIK (Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Energy and Bio-Technology Section)

Dr. Steier Jozsef (Chairman of the 3S,

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