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The 2nd Sahara Scientists Summit is a special workshop to compare different ideas, knowledges, technologies and personal experiences to work out the best solutionsfor the Sahara desert.

The contributors will help us to collect money to make the second step towards the organization of the 2nd Sahara Scientists Summit and invite experts from around the world.

2nd Sahara Scientists Summit will take place on 20-21st May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

The Summit is a very important event to have dialogue about different approaches (e.g. renewable energy, sustainable farming, new technologies&sciences, etc.), to find the best solution(s) for the realization of the Great Green Sahara Deal (GGSD) that consists in the creation of green Sahara Quadrat (5×5 km) into the desert to give to the african people food, job and green energy.

If you believe that Africa is a key to the sustainable future, if you believe in young talents and progressive climate mitigation you should join us and support our efforts:

Great Success of the 1st Sahara Scientists Summit

On behalf of the 165 years old Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) Energy and Bio- Technology Section I would like to declare the great success of the

1st Sahara Scientists Summit (3S) on May 20th, 2015, in Budapest

The first Sahara Scientists Summit made its first important step towards a fundamentally new approach to climate mitigation and sustainability. It has been emphasized by the speakers, that the scientific approach with innovative and progressive new solutions, developed for climate mitigation, could also offer multi-dimensional responses on the most important questions of humanity, such as migration (which has become a global key security issue nowadays), unemployment, food and feedstock supply against qualitative and quantitative starvation, reforestation and renewable energy supply.